Superfood granola by gr8nola

Healthy, low-sugar superfood granola. We make clean snacking simple so you can eat, feel and do gr8. Are you #hungryforgr8ness?

10% for all products using the code: ALLAMERICANS 

(5% of sales will be donated to #AllAmericans)

$40+ ships free. All orders ship within 1 week. All sales are final.

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Ways to Help

Medical Relief

Wearing a face mask is now encouraged by several States to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Learn more ways you can protect yourself to protect others.

Ways to Help

Combating Racism

Racist attacks against Asian Americans have increased throughout COVID-19. Find resources to protect yourself, report incidents, and stop hate.

Ways to Help

Economic Stimulus

Several resources exist to support business of all sizes but can be difficult to navigate. Discover how to help you and your employees.

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