All of Us Movement



By Maria Majoli in collaboration with Poorna Jagannathan and Marsha Stephanie Blake

Actors Poorna Jagannathan (Never Have I Ever) and Marsha Stephanie Blake‘s (When They See Us) main source of inspiration was  “2020,” the year when things fell apart in order for us to come together. 

Poorna realized that Asian and Black communities have been weaponized against each other.  Convenient narratives like the model minority myth were used to create a racial wedge between the two. Marsha Stephanie realized that in order for us to sustainably advocate for ourselves, we must do so for each other; that 2020 is a painful but beautiful moment in our history. 

Together, they wanted to create something that symbolized their resistance to divisions and their commitment to unity; to standing together in love, solidarity, and support.

Using “2020” as their starting point, Poorna and Marsha Stephanie flipped the “2” so that they were mirror images of each other: an Ω. Doing so unveiled more than just a reversal of the year we’ve been dealt: it unveiled a heart which signifies love; two women holding each other, signifying connectedness; and a reimagining of 2020----the year where all of us had to join forces so that we may breathe and be free. 

The image’s fluid design was inspired by the art of one-line drawings that capture complex images with maximum simplicity. Young artist Maria Majoli rendered the image, never lifting the pencil from paper once--an unbreakable, undivided line--reflecting the Black & Gold promise.


  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Set-in rib collar with shoulder-to-shoulder taping
  • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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Ways to Help

Combating Racism

Racist attacks against Asian Americans have increased throughout COVID-19. Find resources to protect yourself, report incidents, and stop hate.

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