The All of Us Movement (formerly the All Americans Movement) unites communities to fight together for marginalized communities who are often disproportionately impacted by pandemics, economic hardship, and societal injustice. 

COVID-19 only punctuated health care’s intrinsic biases that pervade our judicial and social systems. There is no single solution to systemic bias. But learning how to be an ally, acting, then holding our own families and companies accountable are great starts.

Join the movement by purchasing products whose proceeds go towards COVID-19 relief and justice for Black Americans. Share your #AllofUs story to amplify the movement. Stay empowered with resources on other ways to help.

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Be An Ally


COVID-19 only punctuated systemic bias in health care that pervades judicial and social systems--particularly against the Black community. Learn how to be an ally.

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Medical Relief

Wearing a face mask is now encouraged by several States to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Learn more ways you can protect yourself to protect others.

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Several resources exist to support business of all sizes but can be difficult to navigate. Discover how to help yourself or your employees.